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Possessing 20 years of experience in the field, you can count on the experienced staff of Seng Heng to recommend the most suitable power generator set for your event. Every power generator set comes with complimentary DB Box and fencings. To enjoy minimal noise distractions, you may choose super-silent mode generators (only available in 60KVa and 150KVa), which produce a significantly lower level of noise as compared to its counter-parts.

  • Power :25 / 60 / 90 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 225
  • Licenses:LEW and/or EMA (upon request)
  • Special:Super-silent mode (only in 60KVa & 150KVa)
  • Complementary :DB Box and fencing


Loose wires could be a potential tripping hazard and may draw distasteful eyes. Therefore, cable trays are increasingly important in events. Cable trays are able to enhance the overall aesthetics of the event simply by hiding the wires out of sight. Choice of cable trays depends on the thickness and/or number of wires, for more assistance, please contact us.


  • Small (indoor) :0.5′ x 3′
  • Big (outdoor) :1′ x 3′


Powerpoints are devices which allow common electrical applicances to tap electricity from the power generators. They are available in two power ratings: 13amp and 15amp


DB boxes are required to tap electricity from power sources such as the power generator, or from buidling electrical sources. It then directs the power into various powerpoints. The output power ratings are available in 13amp, 16amp, 32amp, 64amp.